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The DMAA – Dorn Method Academy Australia:

Established 2007 as a free and independent Umbrella Organisation of Dorn Method Instructors and Therapists in Affiliation to the Dornfinder ( – The official German Dorn Method Umbrella Organisation.

Latest Articles

Body in Motion

Uniquely performed while the body is in motion, Dorn therapy sessions are interactive – often, the client takes away techniques …

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The Dorn-Therapy on Children and Infants

Since the root problem appears to be the traumatic events at, before and after birth it is easy to understand …

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Science of Subluxations – Insights about an often misunderstood term: …

The term subluxation is often misunderstood and not always accepted due to the lack of knowledge in the field of …

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Connections between Spinal Nerve and Inner Organs – The cause …

The cause of many organic disorders is a disturbance of the spinal nerves, disturbances which are provoked by damaged joints …

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