Who we are:

The DMAA was cofounded in 2005 by Dr Thomas Zudrell, Dr Jason Mallia (Acupuncturist) and Heidi Hirchy to educate Australian practitioners on The Dorn Method and to meet the growing need for Dorn training in Australia.

The founding members have agreed to voluntarily follow the guidelines outlined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The DMAA consists of the following  founding members.

Dr Jason Mallia ( Acupuncturist)

President,  Co Founder and Master Practitioner and Instructor of The DMAA

Heidi Hirschy (Bowen Therapist)

Board Director Co-Founder and Master Practitioner and  Instructor of the DMAA


Dr Jason Mallia (Acupuncturist)

Jason is a the Director co-founder of the DMAA along with Dr Thomas Zudrell of Germany. He is passionate about educating practitioners and patients about the benefit of the Dorn Method to heal their pain. He is a world renown keynote speaker having travelled the globe imparting the knowledge and wisdom gained through his own research, journey of self healing and empowerment. He is one of Australia`s most experienced Dorn Method Practitioners and educators having used Dorn for 13 years.

Jason is the Director of Integrated Health Aus and registered Acupuncturist (not a GP)  (http://www.integratedhealth.com.au) and is one of Australia’s most qualified Integrative Natural  Medicine Practitioners of 22 yrs experience. He is educated  in all major natural medicine modalities including training in Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy ,Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine .He has appeared on radio both locally and abroad and is a published writer for the Journal of Natural Medicine ( South Africa). He received his Doctorate of Philosophy for his book on “Concepts of Integrative Medicine” which features the Dorn Method.

His passion is to inspire and educate millions of people worldwide about the gift of knowing and healing themselves to facilitate their success. He lives by the motto “one only heals when sense of self is recognised” (1999) and helps individuals discover their purpose which drives their success in all areas of their lives. He combines a unique combination of science, wisdom and personal experience to educate people worldwide. He recently published his book “The Wounded Healer” A story about his own personal journey and self help book http://the-woundedhealer.com


Heidi Hirschy Master Dorn Method

Heidi is a passionate Dorn Method trainer and director of the DMAA with many years experience in the Dorn Method. She has trained both in Australia and Germany and heads our Queensland office for the DMAA . She is a Master Instructor of the Dorn Method trained by Dr Thomas Zudrell. She has a unique approach to her practice utilising remedial therapies, Bowen and the Dorn Method achieving great results.

Dr Thomas Zudrell MD(AM),

Germany, Dorn Method Specialist (Founding Member) Seminar Lecturer, Consultant to the DMAA

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What do other Health Professionals say about the Dorn Method:

July 21, 2017

As a Integrative Healthcare Practitioner and Naturopath I see many health problems and back pain is one that I see most frequently . So frequently I decided to study Chiropractic . However when I discovered the Dorn Method two things happened , I found a safe, effective non-manipulative therapy for back pain and I discontinued my Chiropractic Studies . The Dorn method is a compensive system that treats patients on all levels

Jason Mallia IMD ND Dr.Sc (NSW) Aust

July 20, 2017

I had been having on-and-off back pains for several years until I came across the Dorn Method. I immediately noticed a significant improvement after just one session.
I am convinced that the Dorn Method is a safe and effective means of treating various muscular-skeletal disorders.

Angel M. Gomez, MD

July 20, 2017

As an osteopath who already treated spinal misalignments, The Dorn Method had a huge impact on my practice, because it gave me the tools to address spinal misalignments in a gentle non-invasive way

Wayne Sibson, Osteopath, WA

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